Auto Financing Options: Lease or Buy

Should I Lease or Buy my Next Volkswagen SUV or Sedan?

Shopping for a brand-new car or SUV can be thrilling, especially when you explore the new Volkswagen inventory at Volkswagen of Smithtown. When the time comes to pay for a vehicle, you might encounter challenges choosing between leasing or buying your next model. Both financing options have pros and cons, and your choice often depends on your preference.

Since we understand how stressful financing a car can be, we always try and make the process as stress-free as possible. When ready to finance your next vehicle, contact our sales team in St. James, who will help you choose an option that works for your lifestyle and budget.

Financing a New Volkswagen Near Central Islip

Do you love the idea of owning a new Volkswagen Tiguan or Volkswagen Atlas? Check out our auto loan deals and secure a great deal on your next car. Financing a model implies taking out an automotive loan or paying for the whole vehicle's worth ahead of time. When you choose to loan a new vehicle, you work towards owning the car until you ultimately pay off the loan. This allows you to retain the car's value, giving you the power to sell or trade in the vehicle at your convenience.

Another benefit of financing a new car is the ability to personalize and customize your model. Whether you want to modify your vehicle with new spoilers or are itching for a custom paint job, you will not be restrained by any contract.

Buying a new Volkswagen Taos is also best for drivers who take on long-distance trips. Leasing has mileage restrictions; therefore, an auto loan is an excellent option if you do not want to limit your ability to drive as often as you wish. If you think financing a new Volkswagen is the right option, visit our dealership near Smithtown and let our finance specialists help you secure a great auto loan deal.

Leasing a New Volkswagen Near Kings Park

We encourage you to check out our lease deals if you want flexibility in your next car or SUV. Leases allow you to drive a car for a short period of two or three years. After the lease period expires, you can opt to turn the keys and walk away, browse other lease options, or explore financing options for that model. These grants you the chance to enjoy the driving experience of brand-new models without settling down with one model. In addition, you will take advantage of the latest tech and safety features as you upgrade after every three years.

Since you are not investing towards owning the car, you can expect to pay a lower monthly payment and down payments compared to auto loans. However, this will limit your enhancement and customization options as the dealership still owns the car or SUV. Leases are contracts; therefore, if you exceed the mileage limit or terminate the contract before it ends, you will pay additional costs.

Find the Best Loan and Lease Deals for Your Next Purchase at Volkswagen of Smithtown

If you want to lease or loan your next vehicle, we are here to help. To get started, feel free to use our online shopping tools and complete our financing application. This will help our finance specialists find a financing program that works for you. Our online shopping tools will also help you determine your current vehicle's value and approximate monthly payments.

Lease or Buy a New Volkswagen Sedan or SUV at Volkswagen of Smithtown

Whether you pick a new or certified pre-owned Volkswagen SUV or sedan, our team will help. Visit our dealership near Hauppauge today, explore our new inventory, Volkswagen specials and finance the model you want in a way that fits your driving needs and lifestyle.